Virtual Museum of Contemporary African Art
about the Museum

Dear visitor,

Welcome to the Virtual Museum of Contemporary African Art.
Here you can wander through our exhibitions, be it a virtual project specifically created for the web, an exposition of paintings or sculptures or a short experimental film - all essentially made, of course, by artists from the African continent. This Virtual projects department you find to the right; you can't miss it, it's all yellow and splashy.

On the other side, to the left of your screen, the Review of Contemporary African Art is waiting for you in blue with background articles, columns and stuff as well as a constantly updated Agenda. Yet, you may - still - need documentation on specific African artists and how to contact them, or you may be looking for other websites related to contemporary African art: just get down to our (green) Documentation Department and play the Search game.

African artists

You will certainly enjoy the dynamic strength the works exposed emanate. African artists, just like artists everywhere in the world, comment on themselves and their environment through their work. They comment, in their own way, on (worldwide) actual themes and thus offer the public an often surprising view. This Museum intends to offer African artists today a place to propagate their vision and experiment with the medium Internet - as well as a virtual meeting point where they can discuss and exchange ideas with curators, critics and other professionals from the field.

History of the Museum

The Virtual Museum is produced by the AfricaServer Foundation, an internet platform that provides information on Africa-related events taking place in Holland, as well as many links to worldwide websites on cultural, political and touristic topics regarding the African continent. The AfricaServer is based in Amsterdam and has been involved with contemporary African artists for years, both in the Netherlands and abroad, which has made the foundation into a major mediator between art institutions and the artists. In fact, the opening of this Virtual Museum of Contemporary African Art in December, 2001 elaborates and adds a new dimension to this involvement.

Language(s) used

Two more things. As the Virtual Museum is produced in the Netherlands, you should not be surprised to come across an occasional text written in Dutch. One of the reasons is that the museum should also be accesible to Dutch school children. Of course, given the large francophone community in Africa, French translations would be more appropriate - but until now, funds have been limited. We hope for the better.

Act interactive

Finally: while lingering about, you will soon find that some interactive effort from your side is needed. The Museum is too big for your screen, so you will really have to take a scroll walk. And if you see anything flicker or move, then click! There is probably something to see there.

Enjoy your stay - and let us hear what you think:

The Virtual Museum of Contemporary African Art is initiated by the AfricaServer